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Discover the new Berlin on a guided private city sightseeing tour

Guided driven

Berlin city tour

starting at the desired date and time of your wish i.e. directly from your hotel.
Or enjoy the sightseeing experience on a guided

Berlin  Walking Tour.

Qualified tourist guides will accompany.

See Berlin from a different vantage point!

Discover with us the past, present and future on a guided individual private Berlin city sightseeing tour.
Feel the rhythm of the exciting and unique metropolis Berlin.

Berlin City Lights Tour during the Chrismas Season including a stop at a Christmas Market.
Berlin city Lights Tour - End of November till end of December.
Undertake a Berlin city lights tour during the pre-Christmas season and discover Berlin´s sights in bright lights shine.
The 2 1/2 hour Berlin City Lights Tour includes the highlights of Berlin´s sights in the center of West and East Berlin and a 1/2 hour stop at a Berlin Christmas Markets for a Gluehwein (Mulled wine) or a grog. Alternative Coffe or Hot Chocolate.
Perfect starting time is after 4:30pm / 5:00pm (It´s getting dark). We will pick you up from the starting point of your choice; i.e. directly from your hotel. Ending point of your choice; if you like at a Christmas Market, at your Berlin hotel or at a restaurant of your choice. See Berlin in bright lights during the Christmas season. A wonderful brilliant Berlin experience!
Berlin City Lights Tour during the Christmas season. Induding a stop at a Berlin Christmas Market. See Berlin s sights in bright light. City Lights Tour, Berlin tour, Berlin City lights, Christmas season, christmas, Berlin Christmas Market, Christmas Market, See Berlin, sights, light. Berlin city lights tour during the Christmas season. Berlin city lights tour. City lights tour. Berlin City Lights. Stop at Christmas market.

Berlin City Lights Tour 2 1/2  hours. Pricelist 2015

Vehicle / seats Vehicle Tour Guide Fee * Total
with driver English or German

Mercedes E-Class Euro 133,00 Euro 140,00 Euro 273,00
2 seats
Minivan Euro 150,00 Euro 140,00 Euro 290,00
up to 7 seats + guide
Small panoramic coach  Euro 235,00 Euro 140,00 Euro 375,00
16 seats
Small panoramic coach Euro 245,00 Euro 140,00 Euro 385,00
19 seats
Coach Euro 259,00 Euro 140,00 Euro 399,00
30 seats
CoachEuro 298,00 Euro 140,00 Euro 438,00
49 seats
Coach up to 74 seats Euro 473,00  Euro 140,00 Euro 613,00
Special offer with our transport partner "Wunderwald". Prices include 19% VAT.
* Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays Euro 170,00 for the tour guide.
Other languanges prices on demand.