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Qualified Berlin tourist guides will accompany tour groups or individuals.
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Discover with us the past, present and future on a guided individual private Berlin city sightseeing tour; make your stay in Berlin really memorable.
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Our multi-lingual, qualified Berlin tour guides are certified members of "The Association of Tour Guides in Germany" and / or member of the "Berlin Tour Guides Association".
We are able to provide you certified Berlin tour guides in most languages such as: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portugiese, Korean, ...
Step-on Berlin tour guides for Berlin tour in your own coach / vehicle
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Berlin tour guide fee English * Saturday, Sunday, Public 2015 Holidays or after 6:00pm
Tours up to 3 hours
130,25 + 19% VAT155,46 + 19% VAT
€URO 155,00 €URO 185,00
Tours up to 4 hours 168,07 + 19% VAT 201,68 + 19% VAT
€URO 200,00 €URO 240,00

Additional hour 42,02 + 19% VAT50,42 + 19% VAT
€URO 50,00 €URO 60,00
Berlin Nightseeing 2 hours  117,65 + 19% VAT134,45 + 19% VAT
Special offer after 8:00pm  
€URO 140,00 €URO 160,00

Berlin City Lights Tour 117,65 + 19% VAT142,86 + 19% VAT
Christmas Season 2 - 2 1/2 h
€URO 140,00 €URO 170,00
* Other languages prices on request. Prices include arrival and departure of your Berlin tour guide. Payable in cash against receipt after the tour or on site with your EC-Card / Maestro, VISA or MasterCard.